Healing Sessions

Feel Younger in 45 minutes!

Feel rejuvenated after just 45 minutes of this magical energetic field cleansing.

Have your burdens cleared away and reconnect to yourself once again.


Gift vouchers available on request.

Shamanic Treatment

The work of the shaman is to hold a vibration of what is possible.

This is the place where people who want to change old beliefs can find a more beneficial way of being in the world. We are all born to be the best version of ourselves but sometimes we get distracted.

Whether the issue relates to personal wounds or ancestral patterns the work done here will illuminate what is out dated and offer a more beneficial way of being.

Contact debbiebrookstregloan@gmail.com

90 minutes

Gift vouchers are available.

Cranio Sacral

Physical pains and discomforts are addressed here using gentle hands on therapy.

From new-borns to the elderly cranio sacral therapy has a place in bringing balance back into the body.

Somato emotional release enables blocked or hidden emotional upsets to be seen and released in a way that benefits the body.

There are no set number of treatments that need to happen.  Every one of us is viewed as an individual, healing back into wholeness in our own unique way.

Contact debbiebrookstregloan@gmail.com

Gift vouchers available.

60 minutes

Equine Therapy