Don’t tell me not to cry.

Don’t tell me not to cry
Don’t tell me not to grieve

The deep pain close to the heart of my soul needs letting out

Don’t tell me not to grieve

The raw pain as I am torn apart howls its deep expression
The tumultuous, wholesome wail of grief

Needs to have its voice heard

I need to have my voice heard

Do not tell me not to cry, the wail of my existence
I am here
With all my grief

Don’t tell me not to cry

Walnut tree

Walnut tree previously unknown to me
As I dance around your fallen leaves

The low winter sun offering soft shining light on the delicacy
Of your wintered arms
High into the heavens your finger tips reach
Breathing in the sustenance from the air, the sun and the soft breeze around you

I see your strength in stillness
I feel my strength in stillness.

With deep roots into the great feminine,
That rich deep place so full of fertility
The place that creates magic time and again,
rebirth happens.

These seeds of yours that have been harvested,
I hear the story of your growth
To be shared out into the world.
And so we begin